Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Creating Memorable Characters, Part 3

Part 3: Passions and Goals

What is your character passionate about? She must care about something to be interesting. Her passions also serve as connection points for your reader (see my post Passion, Pizzazz and Power). For example, is your protagonist passionate about:
·         unborn babies
·         the environment
·         nature
Her passion has a direct impact on her goals.

What are your character’s goals? Using the above passions your character may want to:
·         Open up a pregnancy resource center in town
·         Expose the local chemical factory’s illegal dumping of waste into the city’s river
·         Create a local wildlife refuge

Your character's passions and goals will directly and indirectly affect her beliefs, thoughts, actions, and reactions. The reader will recognize when your character acts/thinks in a way that contradicts her ruling passions/goals.

Of course, your antagonist has her own passions and goals. Pro and Ant may both may be passionate about unborn babies, but have different goals in serving that passion--e.g. your protagonist opens a PRC, but your antagonist bombs abortion clinics.

The choices are as wide open as your imagination.

Give your characters passions with goals that match.

Debra L. Butterfield © 2012

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