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Debra L. Butterfield is an everyday approachable woman well acquainted with heartache. She has battled chronic illness, depression, fear, and panic attacks. She has persevered to bring her family through the trauma of sexual abuse against her daughter. These experiences have made Debra passionate about helping women overcome life's struggles and lead a victorious life. Her messages bring the hope, healing and encouragement she found in God to overcome. Audiences find her candor refreshing and practical

Debra's books include:

Help! My Husband Has Sexually Abused Our Daughter: A Devotional Guide for Mothers of Victims, Booklocker, 2007 

Lifecapades: Revelations of the Generations, anthology. Co-editor and contributor, Booklocker, 2010

Currents of a River City: Fibs, Fables and Fabrications of Old St. Joe, anthology, contributor, CrossRiver Publishing, 2010.

Editor and publisher of the online magazine Glory and Strength, a free webzine that ministers to those in crisis or healing from crisis. 

Debra has also been published in The Vision, CBN.com, LiveSusieOn Course online, The Dabbling MumJosephine and Sunny magazines, as well as writers’ networks newsletters. She is a graduate of the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild Apprentice program and CLASSeminar, and member of Heart of America Christian Writers Network. 

To book her to speak at your event, email Deb [at] DebraLButterfield [dot]com or call 816.752.2171.