Saturday, September 24, 2011

Writers' Conference and the Elevator Pitch

A writer's major goal is to get published, and writers' conferences open that door. This year, I am excited to be part of the faculty of the Heart of America Christian Writers Conference where I will be teaching two workshops. As a webzine editor, I will also be meeting with writers to hear what they have to offer for publication in Glory and Strength.

But you can't simply show up and expect publishers and editors to snatch up your writing like hungry wolves. You've got to be prepared with specific information they want to hear. One of those pieces of information is your elevator pitch.

Michael Hyatt, chairman of Thomas Nelson Publishers, has been in the book publishing industry for his entire career. His blog post today, The 4 Components of a Compelling Elevator Pitch, is must-have advice for your next conference. And though I am part of the faculty for this year's HACWN conference, I plan on doing some pitching of my own. This advice couldn't have come at a better time! The wonderful part about elevator pitches is they aren't just for conferences. The very nature of this quick speech means you can give it whenever an opportunity presents itself. Read it, save it, and be better prepared for publishing success.


  1. Deb, I have no doubt that you will be an excellent teacher and moderator! Congratulations to the Heart of America Christian Writers Attendees! You are blessed to have Deb as a teacher!

  2. Chris,
    Thanks for your glowing comment. I hope I can live up to that.