Friday, September 30, 2011

What Would You Recommend?

I could spend all day browsing the aisles of a book store. If I could have my way, I would have a library in my home like the ones I've seen in the castles of Europe with floor to ceiling shelves on all four walls! For now, I have to settle for two bookcases, with the makings to fill a third beginning to pile up on the living room and office floors.

When it comes to choosing a book about writing, I study the offerings carefully. I have a budget to meet like everyone else and want to make sure I get the best one. Two books I continually pull off the shelf are The Writer's Little Helper by James V. Smith, Jr. and An Introduction to Christian Writing by Ethel Herr. Each has tools you'll use the rest of your writing career.

Do you have a favorite or two? Please share with us the books that have made the greatest impact on your skills as a writer.

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