Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Idea Book

People often ask writers where they get their ideas. Perhaps just as important as where we get ideas is "How do you remember them all?" New ideas often hit me in the middle of working on something else, and I needed to save the idea and continue with my work. A system I learned from another writer that has worked well for me is the idea book.

The system uses two small note pads and one composition book. One note pad I keep on the bedside table along with a pencil so I can write down anything that strikes me in the middle of the night--yes, it happens. The other small note pad, I keep in my purse. This way I am assured of having a way to write things down, wherever I'm at, even if it means pulling off the road to do it. (I do a lot of thinking on my commute.) The composition notebook I keep at home in the office, ready to grab when a thought strikes. This allows me to jot down the basics and then go back to what I was working on. Later, when I'm ready to start another story or article, I can refer to my idea book and its ready list of choices.

What system do you use? Please share it with us.

Happy writing!

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