Saturday, May 19, 2012

Creating Memorable Characters, Part 2

Character Profile
Earlier we discussed knowing your characters—how they look, feel, and think; their flaws; their goals and more. That’s a lot to remember about your major and supporting characters. If you can remember all that from day to day and week to week you have an amazing memory. But if you're like me, from one day to the next I can't remember whether it’s my protagonist or antagonist that has curly long brown hair and green eyes. 

In order to keep track of these details I use a tool from The Writer's Little Helper by James V. Smith, Jr. I expanded on what Smith had to offer and call it a character profile. Smith keeps his on a 5x8 index card. I keep mine on the computer, though sometimes print it out for quick reference. If you are planning a series, this profile page is particularly useful. After all, your fans will notice when your protagonist visits her mother in book two, when in book one you briefly mentioned she was an orphan. This profile will also keep you on track if your character begins to take over and lead you down the wrong path.

I’m all about making life simple. If you’d like to use my character profile rather than create one of your own, email me at deb [at] debralbutterfield [dot] com.

Keep track of your characters.

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