Monday, June 11, 2012

You Are a Writer Update

Last week I started a 15-day challenge by writer Jeff Goins in conjunction with his e-book You Are a Writer. I wanted to post a quick update on how that's going and to encourage you with my journey.

I normally start my day at 6 a.m. Day 2 of the challenge was to get up two hours earlier than normal and spend those hours writing--not reading email, or checking Facebook posts, but writing. That meant getting up at 4. Okay, that was just a tad early even for this morning person.

That next morning I failed miserably. Admittedly feeling a bit intimidated about forcing myself to write, I stayed up late watching TV. I got up at 4 all right--with a migraine. So much for writing that day. The next was better. I had a guest blog to get written and the deadline was nearing. I set the alarm for 5 and determined I would write until at least 7.

I started my favorite playlist of music (soundtracks from the Chronicles of Narnia movies) and started writing. Three hours later I was still pounding the keys. I felt so invigorated. Today was my second day at writing. I finished the guest blog post I started last Friday and sent it to a friend for her critique. (Yes, I take the weekends off, otherwise I find myself working 14/7 and dreading everyday.) I can hardly wait for tomorrow so I can tweak that post, and get started on another.

Having a specific time each day and designated number of hours I plan to write gives me focus and energy. I am excited about writing and submitting again. I've been talking about revising my book for a year now. I've made a few attempts, but keep getting stalled. Now I'm certain I'll actually get it done

Give it a try. Get up two hours early or stay up two hours longer, whatever works for you, but set aside a specific time of the day and focus on nothing else but writing.


  1. Thanks for the encouragement, Debra. I honestly can't see doing this (getting up 2 hours early or staying up 2 hours late) at my current life stage, but I can certainly commit to writing 2 hours a day. I give you kudos for getting up at - gasp! 4 in the morning!! I will have to try the music thing; I've always thought I needed perfect silence, but I read somewhere recently (maybe on another blog even), that listening to music actually increases your productivity!

  2. I certainly understand how life situations can conflict. Four in the morning was a bit too early even for me. I opted for 5 a.m. instead, but have had difficulty with that too. But I keep trying, and that's what's important. Two hours may be more than you can do. Maybe giving yourself a word count to produce would be more helpful for you, or even just 15 minutes a day.

    I need silence when I read, but when I'm writing I put on various music genres to help generate the mood I'm seeking for whatever I'm writing. For me, music with words never works, unless it is Josh Groban or Andrea Bocelli singing in Italian or Spanish. Ha! I can't understand the words so they don't interfere with the words I'm trying to write.

    Would enjoy hearing how you are doing with your writing and what you are finding helpful. Thanks for visiting my blog!